Artist Bio
Nandini is a student of Communications Studies at Mount Carmel College. She is an aspiring filmmaker and writer. In her natural state, you would find her crying to some really sad and sappy film, or having a heart to heart with cats. With a perpetually growing reading list, she loves listening to and telling stories. Her notes app is just a bunch of poetry saved for different occasions, and half-attempts of her own. 

Video work by Nandini Chakravorty

I have grown to realise that I hate introducing myself. The question, “Who are you?” comes at me in multiple ways and scenarios, and I have always hated the process of answering it. And as I enter my 20s, I find that it is harder to answer this question. Who am I if I live most of my life right now in a constant limbo? 
With so much to explore, so much to aspire to, assigning an introduction feels like too big of a task. So all I could do was take the question back home with me and sit with it. Invite it for a chat, a coffee, and see what it does. Turns out, this is the result – a visual poem of my indecisiveness. My introduction is my work in progress. 
So my lovely reader, Sylvia was right. The fig tree is abundant. And I hope it stays abundant for you. An abundance of choices, routes and the lives we could live is overwhelming. But it’s also exciting.  Living inside a whirlwind of change and choices I hope you don’t stop showing up everyday – to your job, your art, yourself. That’s the hard part.
But we got this.

MAP, Bengaluru

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