Crafted as part of the Museum of Art & Photography, Bengaluru’s youth engagement initiatives, Pulse serves as a platform for young voices; a collaborative and independent space run by young adults for young adults to share their creative work and practice.
Each quarterly volume of Pulse explores a unique theme, offering insights into the rich perspectives of our generation. From thought-provoking and personal written work to captivating illustrations, Pulse celebrates the dynamic spirit of our community. 
We would love to have you on board for our next Editorial Panel - keep an eye out for the Panel Application for Pulse Vol. II here.

Meet the Pulse Coordinators:

Anu Shree Murali
Hey everyone :) I am Anu Shree, one of the Public Programmes Coordinators at MAP. I have a Master’s in International Cultural Heritage Management and a mastery over extra-dramatic early-2000s TV dramas. I love stories – whether in the form of history or a really good page-turner! 

Jayati Srivastava
Hey there! I'm Jayati, a Public Programmes Coordinator at MAP. I'm all about connecting with young minds and crafting youth engagement programmes. When I'm not busy with that, you'll catch me baking, beachcombing for shells, or getting crafty with crochet—it's my latest obsession!

This first volume, we explored the nuanced, multifaceted and often bittersweet experiences of growing up and navigating the changes that come with early adulthood. Titled "Work in Progress," this volume explores all the different emotions and experiences that shape our journey into adulthood.
Because early adulthood is a constant work-in-progress! 
Through a captivating blend of art and storytelling, Pulse Vol. I offers insights into the joys, challenges, uncertainties and adventures of youth. Dive into the heartfelt reflections of our talented contributors as they share their unique perspectives on growing up and self-growth.

Pulse Vol. I was made possible by the generous support of the British Council's Our Shared Cultural Heritage grant.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Pulse Vol. II—coming soon! 

MAP, Bengaluru

MAP’s mission is to democratise art, making it as fun and relatable to everyone as possible! We hope to change the perception of museums and art by making our museum a melting pot of ideas, stories and cultural exchange.

Crafted as part of the MAP’s youth engagement initiatives, Pulse serves as a platform for young voices. An independent space for young adults to share their creative work and practice.