Artist Bio
Ashlyn is a committed BCA student at St. Joseph's University. Her enthusiasm for photography shines through as she captures moments whenever she finds a moment of free time. She enjoys inviting people to explore the world through her lens and join her in the visual journey of storytelling through photography.

In Transit by Ashlyn Cutinha

Artist Note
My journey to adulthood mirrors the constant motion of a train journey, characterised by the transition from one country to another. This visual submission captures a moment in this journey, frozen in a blurry photograph taken at a bustling railway station. The photograph depicts a microcosm of life in transit, where individuals move in various directions, each carrying their unique stories, challenges, and aspirations. The blurry nature of the photograph symbolises the inherent uncertainty and fluidity of the transition to adulthood. It mirrors the ambiguity and constant flux that characterise our youth. As the viewer gazes at the photograph, the crowd on the platform becomes a visual metaphor for the collective experience of growing up. Despite sharing the same mode of transportation, each person on that platform embodies a distinct narrative, marked by personal struggles, aspirations, and diverse perspectives. This image encourages contemplation on the individuality within shared experiences, emphasising that even in the collective journey of life, we all traverse unique paths.


MAP, Bengaluru

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