Artist Bio
Siddharth is an artist whose artworks concern themselves with questions of personal experience, identity and social issues. He is currently experimenting with digital mediums and how they can be composed with traditional mediums and practices.

Sink by Siddharth Rastogi

Artist Note
The body has woken up but has the mind? The bright light shines off the tiles as you struggle to see through and stare into yourself, not consciously though. The up- down and the side swishes of the bristles as they press on the teeth. Splash. A chaos that is routine.
When I was brushing my teeth, I had this small thought. Who has seen me like this? Not a lot of people. Have they seen how tall I seem compared to the wall? Have they seen my puffy eyes from working late? Do they know my mother prefers a single brand for almost everything? Can they enter this intimate moment devoid of any pretense?
I related MAP’s brief of Work in Progress to this very question. How well do others know me and how well do I know them? I believe all of us are works in progress and it is that process that I appreciate - little moments of raw emotion and the daily monotony, conscious and subconscious thoughts that tell us more about someone than they ever can. 
I wanted the viewer to see me in a personal moment through my eyes. I want them experience my weight, my exhaustion, my monotony. I want them to know more about me and see my little efforts in progress.


MAP, Bengaluru

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