Artist Bio
Aishwarya Srivastava is a full time content writer and a part time fiction enthusiast. Her short stories and poems have been published in various journals including the Flash Fiction Magazine, The Antonym, The Roadrunner Review, Litgleam Magazine, and Literally Stories. Her biggest achievement yet is becoming the favourite human of a Labrador who absolutely despised her at first. 

It’s not the way they build
your life
the cosmic ants
it’s the way they borrow 
blocks from others

I am almost 23 
and so far they have built 

a rented home
and the knowledge of how 
you turn your clothes 
inside out
when you hang them to dry

and I heard them 
about borrowing 
more blocks 
from my Nana’s life

I will scold
every little child
for running fans
in empty rooms

and cut cucumbers 
as the true sign of affection
and I will lose
my closest ones
to kindness and a

disobedient tongue
soon I will start
to give all I have
to anyone 
and everyone

the cosmic ants know
what they are 
if you ever feel it’s random

cosmic ants see in five dimensions

The Fruit Which Invites, Jagadeesh Tammineni, 2009, India, Woodcut print on paper, Image: H. 135 cm, W. 40.5 cm; Paper: H. 152 cm, W. 57 cm, MAC.01561. Courtesy of the Museum of Art & Photography, Bengaluru.

Artist Note
Recently, there was an ant infestation in my house. While my flatmate and I found ant-genocidal ways to end their tyranny, ants slowly made way into every thought I was having.
I started thinking about how they were borrowing things, grains and granite, from everywhere to create something. Something they had meticulously planned.
That reminded me of how everything I am and will ever be- which is always a work in progress, believe me, even after death- is also made up of small building blocks borrowed from what others around me are. As if there are some cosmic ants that are constructing my being as I get older.


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